Sound Analogous

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Sound Analogous is an artist collective whose work investigates the physical and psychological aspects of sound. We have developed sound systems to create tangible space, perceive human presence, and express psychological states. We are interested in the ways sound affects those who encounter our work. How do their interactions with each other and with our systems reveal their perception of a soundscape? How are they psychologically affected by sound? By creating environments that encourage playful interaction we hope to create contemplative situations where observers and participants of our work will apply themselves as both investigators and subjects.

Part of the mystique of the interaction is the masked 'intelligence' of the system. People are often consciously unaware of their effect on the system, yet there is always a feeling of greater intelligence about the very room in which they stand. We develop hardware and software to collect data through an interface and translate it into sound. Sculpture and other objects are utilized primarily to stimulate interaction by drawing attention to an interface. The interface is the link between the physical and perceived environments.

We take inspirational cues from the physical and social sciences, the perceived sensations of our environment, and from other artists whose works straddle the conceptual boundaries of art and science.

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